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Thread: F-35 with Thrust Vectoring

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    F-35 with Thrust Vectoring

    360 degree thrust vector nozzle allows you to perform maneuvers that have to be seen to be believed. It comes with a 70mm fan and Outrunner brushless motor (2750 Kv), 45 Amp speed control with switch mode BEC, 4-cell 2200 mAh Lipo battery and comes pre-painted. Glue the wings and tails in place and install your 7-channel radio and you are ready to perform the impossible.

    The battery and the speed control are pre-connected with genuine Deans Ultra connectors. Retracts with nose wheel steering are pre-installed. Photo illustrated instructions include step-by-step setup of the various mixes on a Spektrum DX-7 radio. Recommended control throws, CG and expo settings are provided.

    The F-35 is the most aerobatic EDF jet available. Extreme maneuvers like flat spins, tumbles and high alpha flight are all possible with the 360 degree thrust vectoring nozzle design. If you want to push the envelope of what can be done with a jet, the F-35 is your best choice.
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