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Thread: Photos from NEAT Fair 2009

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    Photos from NEAT Fair 2009

    Hey guys,
    NEAT Fair went great this year. The weather was nice and we got to fly and show off our cool stuff.

    Pilot-1 made a huge impact with the 1/4 Scale Waco in silver and Orange. Everyone loved the size, details, and color scheme. It was nice to see customers Pilot-1 planes that people brought to the show to fly. I saw a 1/4 scale Champ towing a banner and two 1/8 scale Waco's. For the Friday demo show we flew the 1/4 scale Champ, PA-12, Stinson, and Waco. Lots of fun with the big boys in the air at once.

    We also brought along our latest jets. The new A-10 got a lot of attention as it looks awesome in person. I flew it for some folks who wanted to see it and their feedback was very positive after seeing it in the air. The thrust vectored jets were a big hit too. I flew them in the Saturday demo. The new F-35 with 360 thrust vectoring is a blast to fly.

    There were lots of media people there. Airage, Maplegate, Flying Models,, AllThingsThatFly podcast, and SKS Video all got some coverage of our stuff. SKS Video did interviews with us on the Waco, F-35, and PA-12. They produce a DVD that they sell at all the shows and online. Fly RC came by to shoot our new stuff for the news section. Model Airplane News covered the new stuff as well and we are going to work with them to get a review done on the 1/4 Scale Waco. I am doing a NEAT Fair wrap up show with AllThingsThatFly podcast this Sunday.

    We did a Pilot's prize drop on Friday with the 12' Tele ARF and gave away $20 gift certificates. Saturday we did a candy drop and filled the Tele with several pounds of candy. It looked like it was raining candy when I hit the switch. The kids loved it!

    Thanks to Tom Hunt the club workers who help run the show. It's a must see and we look forward to coming back next year!

    Thanks, Jason Cole
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    IMG_0976.jpg   IMG_0981.jpg   IMG_0982.jpg  

    IMG_0984.jpg   IMG_0986.jpg   IMG_0987.jpg  

    IMG_0988.jpg   IMG_0989.jpg   IMG_0990.jpg  

    IMG_0991.jpg   IMG_0992.jpg   IMG_0993.jpg  

    IMG_0994.jpg   IMG_0995.jpg   IMG_0998.jpg  

    IMG_1002.jpg   IMG_1004.jpg   IMG_1005.jpg  

    IMG_1006.jpg   IMG_1007.jpg   IMG_1008.jpg  

    IMG_1009.jpg   IMG_1010.jpg   IMG_1011.jpg  

    IMG_1012.jpg   IMG_1015.jpg   IMG_1016.jpg  

    IMG_1017.jpg   IMG_1018.jpg   IMG_1021.jpg  

    IMG_1022.jpg   IMG_1024.jpg   IMG_1026.jpg  

    IMG_1027.jpg   IMG_1027.jpg   IMG_1029.jpg  

    IMG_1030.jpg   IMG_1031.jpg   IMG_1032.jpg  


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