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Thread: E-Jets Photos

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    E-Jets Photos

    E-Jets was a blast. Flying Models, Model Aviation, RC Sport Flyer and an international Jet magazine were there that I saw. They all came over shot some photos our new jets. The RC Sport Flyer guy, got an amazing shot of my F4 inverted over the run way about an inch off the ground. He snapped it right before the plane went another inch lower into the runway. Oops. Didn't hurt it though, just a high speed inverted landing. Flipped it over and took off again.

    The SU-34 was the hit of the show for us. It won the Best Foam Jet Award and people could not stop talking about it. I flew it least 4 time every day. On Saturday I flew it in the Sponsor Demos.

    The A-10 we announced at the show was another big hit. I had at least 15 guys come up and ask me to fly it. I had fun showing them what it can do. They liked that it was a park flyer type jet that could be flown at the end of the day with low hassle or setup.

    This was the second year for this event and it's grown a lot already. I look forward to coming back next year. I wonder what type of jets I'll be flying by then....

    Jason Cole
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