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Thread: Vintage Sailaire

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    Vintage Sailaire

    I've been made the owner of a seventies NAT winning Sailaire thermal duration winch launch sailplane that should build out around 5.5 lbs (before adding electrical) and with a 12'-6" wing span (1643 sq. in). There are no more winches in the area and no how no way to use a high start for the monster, so I'd like to explore electrifying it.

    Could you please give me advice as to motor (gear box if you think req'd), battery etc. to get it to launch at a moderate
    speed? Not looking for rocketry here just getting it up.

    Will greatly appreciate any help,

    Ryan Crutchfield

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    Senior Member Jay Burkart's Avatar
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    Re: Vintage Sailaire

    Great Sailplane. Never had one my self but flew against them in contests.
    I believe somone up Michigan way still makes them. Ah! the venerable (Sail Pig) no insult meant.

    Anyhow here is a setup we designed a while back that works good.

    Motor Atlas 403016 on a 16 x 10 folder
    ESC would be a ABC45 Atlas at 45 amps as in this application the motor is only drawing about 30 amps.
    The battery would be a 5S lipo pack at least 25C and whatever capacity you want to fit into the plane.
    A 6000mah figure to give about 12 min of WOT time.
    Should give about a climb of 30 degrees. If you want more climb go to a 6S battery.
    that would run the climb up to about 45 deg..
    I hope this helps you.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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