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    After checking the knowledge base, I recently posted a simple question (Can I pick up an order in Brentwood?) for your technical assistance. I asked this question because the Stinson 108 was on sale and it is oversized and requires truck shipment. It is a fairly managable trip from Virginia to pick it up. Two reasons 1- It does not have to ride along with heavy freight risking damage 2- I can save money by driving to get it and not paying truck freight of $225.

    It has now taken so long for an answer (which I have still not received) that the sale has ended.
    Now there is no need for an answer, since I will not pay $1099 instead of the $874.95 sale price.
    Congratulations HL you have lost another sale. Not just the model, but the accessories I needed also. Engine, on board starter and radiio would have probably added another $1000.

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    Thanks for posting this here. I'd like to check on your case and find out what happened. We have been on top of our cases for quite a while now. There should have been no delay in your response. I'm wondering if the response is in your spam or junk mail folder. Can you email me the case number, so I can check on it?

    The answer is yes, you can come pick it up here. I'd be glad to still honer the sale price given the circumstances. I'll be gone at NEAT Fair this weekend, but will be back next week. Come on by anytime, I'd love to say hi in person and get you fixed up with the Stinson.

    Jason Cole

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    I received an answer today. Very nice reply from Christina Cox. She has arranged for the sale price and I have ordered the kit. The matter is resolved. The service might have been a little slow but the result worked out in the end.
    I don't know what happened on the response time.
    Case 00036567

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    I know what happened now. Your message was sent to technical support and our main tech support agent is on vacation. Our sales team has been picking up his cases, but there was some delays in getting correct answers out. Glad your issue is resolved. You'll love the Stinson!

    Jason Cole

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