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Thread: Super Miss vs Miss 2

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    Super Miss vs Miss 2

    I have the Super Miss, excellent RC plane. Crashed the fuselage today and can't find a parts breakdown so I assume I need to order the complete plane.
    Looking in the available planes,I found the Miss 2 which looks very much like my Super Miss. Wings are obviously different and does not have ailerons where my Super Miss does.
    I tried to get an answer from customer support both by email and by phone but that obviously didn't work.
    My query is: do you think the Miss 2 fuselage will be a close replacement for my Super Miss???? If so I'd have in essence, two planes, one with and one without ailerons.
    Hope that makes sense.

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    Re: Super Miss vs Miss 2

    Couple of things here.

    First, please send me your case number More than likely we responded and it's sitting in your spam or junk mail folder.

    Second, We still have the Super Miss available here ... yId=192303 If I remember correctly, the fuselages are different. The wing panels have a different cord length. It's possible that the Miss 2 fuse could be modified to fit the Super Miss wing though.

    Jason Cole

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