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Thread: 70mm f4 motor lead issue

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    70mm f4 motor lead issue

    Hello, I purchased 2 f4 kits and an f4 camo receiver ready jet. The 2 kits went together well, the only issue I have is that the motor leads for the 2w20 motor I purchased are shorter than the original motor leads.. I am getting ready to solder extension wire to either make the esc wires that connect to the motor longer or extend the wires from the motor and make them longer.. Not sure which way to go, at the present time I'm looking at extending the esc wires since I have the same gauge wire..

    any thoughts?

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    Re: 70mm f4 motor lead issue

    It's fine to do it on either end. Just make sure that the leads on the all three wires are exactly the same length.


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