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Thread: StarMax F9F Panther ARF

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    StarMax F9F Panther ARF

    I have been waiting for the StarMax F9F Panther to go on sale. A friend of mine at the club has this Panther that he purchased from Hobby-Lobby some time ago, but he has been having heat issues with the motor. Is seems that the motor and esc get very hot and the plastic fan housing has become distorted due to the heat output. He has a 25a esc I believe. He must have an older version of this jet? He recently replaced the stock unit with a RC-Lander metal alloy "Cyclone Power Red Velocity" 64mm edf unit with a 60a esc and she flies very fast with no heat displacement issues.

    I an wondering if the Panther you have now is a newer version with a better stock esc or is it the same version that my friend had?
    I really would like not to have to modify this jet because of a overheating motor and esc.


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    Re: StarMax F9F Panther ARF

    It's more than likely the same plane. We've sold of ton of them and this is the first time I've heard of that happening.


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    Re: StarMax F9F Panther ARF


    There must be an issues with the StarMax esc in the Panther. Four people whom I spoke to at my club and others on RCU, have had problems relating to the esc overheating and motor failure due to burn out. Some StarMax edf units had experienced a meltdown of the plastic fan housing due to this overheat issue and lack of heat displacement. This just did not happen on the first few flights but after 15 to 40 or so flights within a 60 day time frame after purchase. The esc should have a capacity of at least 35 amps and a larger diameter wire on the motor primary winding core, will allow for the high amperage output of a 3S battery. This is basic electronic 101 common sense.

    Lets put it this way, If the esc and motor on the Panther were of good quality in the first place, there would be no one willing to bother performing overhauls by replacing the esc and motor power plant. This costs more money and time.

    Better electronics equals a better and safer product.


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