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Thread: Returned Littlescreamer to HL??

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    Returned Littlescreamer to HL??

    To Tech support or sales,

    I had returned a HL Littlescreamer for repair due to some kind of shaft failure in my Alfa edf unit that was installed in the Alfa Sabre. I do not know what happened to the shaft or what cause it to split from the fan? I sent the motor back to HL for a valuation and possible repair, or exchange if possible.
    It has been almost four weeks with no feedback or motor, and I would like to know if HL can help me with my Littlescreamer motor. I have been unable to fly without this motor.
    So, if there is a HL staff member on this forum that can find out for me what happened to my returned littlescreamer brushless motor, I will be most greatful!!

    I had included a detailed letter with the motor return, explaining what had happened to the shaft

    Frank Napolitano
    70 Claman Drive Cottage #1
    Windham, Maine 04062

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    Re: Returned Littlescreamer to HL??

    Did you fill out a returns form before sending it in? Just sending something back can cause huge delays since there is no paperwork to go with the shipment. Rachel handles most of our returns. You can reach her at

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Returned Littlescreamer to HL??

    Ya. It was my error not getting that Hobby-Lobby DNA number.
    I emailed Rachel and she said ( seven weeks ago), that the box was still on her desk because of "no RMA number' and she has "not got a chance to look at the motor"?. My fault, I should have gone to Horizon Hobby for a motor. If there is a problem with a Horizon product, I just send it back to Horizon with a letter describing my problem, (no matter how long I have owned it; could be five years), and I always get an exchange for a new product with no questions asked. 100% satisfaction guarantee as they say in the retail world! But, H-L has not got this yet?

    I am not trying to say than I will stop doing busisness with HL, I just would like to see better return and product warranty policies with no restocking fees! Changes like these will better serve the customer in the future!

    I hope that, under new management, Hobby-Lobby will adopt a lifetime warranty on their r/c products, with no restocking fees and spends less time on worrying about RMA paper work and more time on solving customer issues with a purchased product.

    2010 is a good year to start.


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