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Thread: Funster ARF

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    Funster ARF

    I see the Funster is on sale for Labor day at a fantastic price. I'm hoping it's not being discontinued? I know I love mine.

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    Re: Funster ARF

    It's not going away. Just having a special Labor Day sale on it. It is an awesome plane to fly no matter your style. Anyone can enjoy doing touch n goes all day long. My favorite is doing wheelies with it keeping the mains on the ground with the nose gear in the air. Lots of fun!

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Funster ARF

    This is almost a 27th Anniversary sale for the Funster. It was originally designed in 1982 by Dick Tichenor using a standard Telemaster 40 wing and simply adding landing gear mounts to it and creating a new fuselage with tricycle gear. Basically you have a low wing Telemaster with all of the great flying qualities of the Telemaster with the added ease of a tricycle gear layout. The flaps are blast, really slows this already floaty plane to an absoulte crawl. Just about a zero rollout into a headwind.
    The great designs last and this is great one.

    Mike Hines

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    Re: Funster ARF

    I've got a Funster but forgot where I put the instructions. Can you tell me where the CG should be? I replaced the engine with a OS AX46 and need to re-balance the model.

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    Re: Funster ARF

    I don't know the CG measurement, but I'm pretty sure it was just a bit behind the main spar. It could probably go back a little from there too since the stab is airfoiled.

    Jason Cole

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