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Thread: Jeti 2.4GHz compatability

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    Jeti 2.4GHz compatability

    I happened to purchase one of the Jeti 2.4GHz conversion kits for my HiTech Prizm-7 along with a couple of receivers when they were still available. The unit seems to be working great but with the delay of any new receivers or Tx modules, I would like to know if there are any other receivers out that that are compatible with Jeit? I don't have a lot of 2.4GHz gear so I can not test to see what might work with what.

    If anyone has done some tests and can verify that other makes do work with the transmitter module, please let me know. My original goal was to purchase enough to test the quality of the components from Jeti and then upgrade all of my 72MHz to 2.4GHz. The cost of the upgrade was going to be far less than buying a whole new rig. I have both the HiTech Eclipse and Prizm-7 Tx so will have everything on the Eclipse once I have enough receivers to go around. For the initial testing, I put the add-on board in the Prizm-7. I have also added the external monitor module which is pretty neat except it does little good if trying to use it while flying. You can't look at it and fly at the same time!

    So any thoughts or comments about the hardware from Jeti and maybe a possible delivery date for new inventory (listening Hobby Lobby???) will be most welcome.

    Thank you,
    Ron from KC

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    Re: Jeti 2.4GHz compatability

    Only Jeti receivers are going to be compatible. Jeti is working on getting an FCC license for the Duplex systems so we can continue selling them. I don't have a time table for how long that process takes.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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