Bf-109F Tropical Camo ARF

Scale Bf-109F in Tropical Colors - Lightweight terrific performer
32-3/4" wingspan, 29-1/2" long, 175 sq. in. wing area, 15-1/2 oz. flying weight. Made of lightweight pre-painted molded foam. Includes waterslide decals representing an authentic WW2 aircraft. The one-piece wing is removable. Battery and radio access is under the canopy.

Easy airplane to hand launch, slows well for landings. The airplane has a broad speed range with power to spare for aerobatic maneuvers. Flies 10-15 minutes on a charge. Assembly will take just a few hours. Controls are Aileron, Elevator and Throttle. Requires a 3-channel radio (minimum). The Alfa Model BF-109F is also available in a European Color version.

Please note: the fuselage is held in place in the packaging with a screw located under the canopy. Please refer to instructions for unpacking information.