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Thread: Teaching kids about Aviation

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    Teaching kids about Aviation

    Every summer the Warner Park Nature Center puts on all kinds of outdoor activities and learning opportunities for the local kids of Nashville. Parents can sign their kids up for all kinds of eagerly awaited programs that last all summer long. June 24th was Astronomy, Space, and Model Aviation day. Hobby Lobby and the Edwin Warner Aviators have participated in this program for years. This year the weather was perfect and there were 92 kids in attendance. The kids are divided into several groups and then spend around half an hour or so at the different space, astronomy, and model aviation stations. At the model aviation station, the kids are introduced to the basics of flight with a short discussion. Itís fun to see how intrigued they are. Then we show them what we mean with our aircraft. Mike Hines and I brought along several of our jets and prop planes as well as the huge 12ft Telemaster ARF. Some of the kids wanted to catch a ride in it! I brought along some parachute guys and we dropped them out of the Telemaster several times and let the kids chase them down. They loved that! A few of the guys from the club brought some foamy combat planes. This was awesome! It looked liked they kit bashed several different kits to get a flying machine together. The kids really enjoyed watching combat and especially the crashes that followed.

    Itís really a privilege for us to be there to spark some interest and excitement about aviation in so many kids. If your in the area and would like more information about the parks program, visit

    Jason Cole
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