For me, it means building lots of planes and getting them ready for the two major spring shows: SEFF and Joe Nall.

SEFF is an all-electric fun fly at Hodges Hobbies Field near Americus, GA. The facility is great and Mac Hodges graciously allows us to use his property for the show every year. Hobby Lobby has been attending since the beginning. Itís grown every year and this year was no exception. There were over 500 pilots in attendance and who knows how many spectators. The weather almost perfect most days. We were able to bring our trailer full of aircraft and a huge van full of product to sell in our vendor spot. Our Pilot-1 branded aircraft were in full force with the entire line-up on display. We even flew a demo with them on Saturday that included the 1/4 and 1/8 scale Champs, the 1/4, 1/6, and 1/8 scale PA-12s, and the 1/4 scale Wedell Williams Racer. It was an impressive display. The highlight of the show for us was the debut of a new jet, the SU-34 Fullback with thrust vectored nozzles. It was entered into the Best New Product contest and won the award! It has twin 64mm fans with brushless motors that run on a 4S 3000mAH Lipo battery. The thrust-vectored nozzles allow it to do really insane tight loops and turns. It was a big hit. We started pre-selling them at the show have sold over half of the first shipment already. The BBQ at SEFF is always a treat and our new MidNightFlyers club made itís first showing after hours flying Jets at night. It truly was a fantastic event.

Joe Nall is the king daddy of all R/C events. Itís an IMAA giant scale event hosted at the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, SC. There was over 800 pilots and a plethora, yes a plethora of spectators this year. As you enter the field there is a winding paved path. You stroll past a sea of RVs and campers and crest a hilltop to a glorious view of the facility. Itís hard to describe so hopefully the photos will speak a thousand words. We brought our big stuff from Pilot-1 as well as our new 12í Telemaster ARF to display and fly. Our vendor booth was filled with folks wanting to learn about electric flight or picking up the latest E-flite micro helicopter. We stayed in an RV this year and boy was that an experience. Camping is as good as it gets here. Where else can you be awakened in the morning to the sounds a DA-150 engine? It sure is hard to beat. Seems like everyone rents or brings a golf cart, or 4 wheeler or scooter. We decided to think outside of the box and rented a 32í diesel powered scissor lift. We invited to people to join us at show center during the noontime demos to enjoy the view as we towered over the gazebo. It was the best view in the house. The Midnightflyers club put on a great show on Friday night. We flew our A7, F4, and T-28s. There were at least a couple hundred people on the line that came out to watch. I had the A7 down on the deck doing multiple touch n goes in a single pass. A common question we got was ďIs that stock?Ē They were impressed at the stock performance of our jets. It was a blast!

So next winter when you think about the spring flying season, you better makes plans to attend one or both of these events. You will come away more excited about the hobby than you have even been. Donít forget to swing by our booth and say hello.

Jason Cole
Hobby Lobby Pilot