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Thread: FCC Statement from Hobby Lobby's Owner

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    FCC Statement from Hobby Lobby's Owner

    Hey guys,
    I'm posting a statement from Hobby Lobby's owner, Mark Cleveland regarding the recent FCC issues.
    Jason Cole

    Many of you are aware that some time ago, Hobby Lobby International inadvertently sold two items that were not FCC approved. We have cooperated fully with the FCC and pulled these products off the shelf. We are working with the suppliers to reduce power output and otherwise bring these quality products back to the market but in full compliance. Only a few units were sold and we are assured that they pose no danger to the users.

    Although this was not intentional, it is simply not acceptable and we want customers to know that we have adopted the old “trust but verify” policy regarding FCC approved products. We have improved our inspection and acceptance processes to be sure this doesn’t happen again. Hobby Lobby International will not sell products in the American market that do not meet FCC guidelines.

    Our experience points out a real danger in our marketplace today, when there are many foreign manufacturers selling products into the U.S. through Hong Kong trading companies and web brokers or front hobby shops. Because they are not subject to the FCC in their home country, some manufacturers’ products many not have gone through the rigorous evaluation process required to gain FCC licensing approval. Recently, it seems that there have been more and more of these products available to consumers. We would simply like to help do our part in keeping our customers safe and insuring that all products sold in the American market comply with FCC rules.

    Over more than 44 years, the attitude of our team has been clear: Hobby-Lobby wants all our customers to have a great modeling experience. Because of our commitment to giving you a quality product, we made the decision to use only genuine Dean’s ™ connectors in all our planes. We know that there are cheaper knock-offs out there, but your model is worth the very best connections in the business.

    Thank you for supporting Hobby-Lobby and for your continued confidence.

    Mark Cleveland
    CEO, Owner
    Hobby-Lobby International
    Brentwood, TN

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    Re: FCC Statement from Hobby Lobby's Owner

    Since the problem was that these units generated more power then allowed by FCC regulations and as such presented a possible interference problem, what has been done about the units that were sold? Are they still out in the general community? The owners are in violation for operating these devices and present a potential problem to the rest of us. Have these people been notified by Hobby Lobby that the operation of these devices is a violation of FCC rules? Is there a program from Hobby Lobby to recover these units?

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    Re: FCC Statement from Hobby Lobby's Owner

    Contact the customers who purchased the banned products and offer them a national product recall that allows for an "exchange" for twice the original value. Such a program will stimulate owners of contraban aircraft to send them back ( FAST), for a more expensive and possibly "better" unit.

    This is just my opinion. Yes, the program will be somewhat costly, but I know the action will work and clean up what is already out in the r/c population and prove to the FCC that Hobby-Lobby takes this issue seriously.

    Frank Nap.

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