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Thread: A-10 coming Soon - Video!

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    A-10 coming Soon - Video!

    A-10 "Warthog" ARF
    40" wingspan, 36" long, 258 sq. in. wing area, 36 oz. flying weight. Includes two 75mm ducted fans with two outrunner brushless motors and two 18-amp controllers. Power is supplied by a 3-cell 2200 mAh Lipo battery that is easily accessed under the removable canopy. Construction is all pre-painted and decorated injection-molded foam. The wing is removable and reinforced with a carbon rod. The two fan units are fairly large (75mm diameter) and produce strong thrust at a moderate speed and low amp draw. The wide stance of the tricycle landing gear gives the A-10 great ground handling for taxing and take-off and superior control in landing. Assembly is quick; the wing halves need to be glued together, motor nacelles glued to the fuselage (fans and motors are pre-installed). Motors must be plugged into the speed controls and the direction of rotation checked, there is no soldering required. All servos are pre-installed and all control surfaces are pre-hinged. Charge the 3-cell lithium battery with the included balance charger. Charge is done through the balance plug on the battery and each individual cell is charged independently to reach 4.2V. Flying the A-10 is where the fun really starts; the steering is precise and not overly sensitive giving you great control on the take-off. Once in the air the climb is strong and the control is smooth and quick. Big loops, fast or slow rolls, inverted flight are all easily done. Flight times are from 6-8 minutes. Landings are best accomplished with a small amount of throttle for a smooth approach.
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