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Thread: Is the easystar parkflyer brushless?

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    Is the easystar parkflyer brushless?


    This is my first "real" RC plane purchase. I just ordered the EasyStar Park Flyer. Does this plane have a brushless motor? If not, then what kind of performance can I get if I put one on?



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    Re: Is the easystar parkflyer brushless?

    It is not a brushless motor. It is the equivalent of a brushed Speed 400.
    This give pretty good performance.
    You can put a Brushelss motor in it but you will also need to change the Speed control at least.
    And it also would be good to change to a lipo battery.
    This gets to be somewhat of an expensive change over.
    Here is a conversion that I worked out a while ago.
    The prices may have changed.

    Brushless motor in Easy Star

    If you really want to use a Brushless you can't use a outrunner motor as it cant swing a big enough prop so you have to use an inrunner.
    Here is the only inrunner we have that will do the job.
    MM16154 Mega Brushless 400, 4 Turn ...... $ 109.90
    Then it has a larger shaft so you will need a prop adapter and to change the prop.
    Here is the prop shaft adapter:
    GR605331 Prop Shaft Adapter for 3.2mm (1/8") Motor
    Shaft ..... $ 5.60
    And then the prop is a 7x5 APC E prop:
    PE07050E 7x5E Thin Electric Prop ..... $ 2.00
    For a ESC use a Jeti JESAP18 Jeti Advance PLUS 18 Amp Brushless Motor Controller.

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