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Thread: motor designations

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    motor designations

    Obviously it's apparent I'm green as grass to the electric flight field. My question is, I have a Rimfire motor that I bought a year or so ago and haven't installed in anything yet, but the literature that came with it explained what the designation numbers meant. I tried extrapolating that info to figure out what the numbers for the AXI and Atlas motors signified, but I'm at a loss. Can you explain? Thanks.

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    Re: motor designations

    On the Atlas and AXI motor First two numbers mean diameter of stator and next two numbers lenght of stator in mm. Simplified the bigger diameter and lenght the bigger power of motor. The number behind the slash is winding number. The lower winding number the higher RPM and current capacity.

    I think this may help you.
    Usually the larger the frame or stator the more power out of the motor and the lower the winding the faster
    the RPm of the motor.
    I hope this helps you.
    Jay Burkart
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