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Thread: Super Miss Taill Gear

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    Super Miss Taill Gear

    Can someone explain to me how to get the tail gear wire through the rear fuse and rudder when the wire is already bent on both ends?If I heat it won't that take the temper out? :?:

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    Re: Super Miss Taill Gear

    Sorry, I thought this was a technical support forum,juess I was wrong.

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    Re: Super Miss Taill Gear

    Here is a picture of the Super Miss tail wheel as it is supposed to be in the kit.
    The PDF instructions show how it is supposed to be installed.
    Was your different than this from your kit?
    The straight part goes up from the bottom and then is bent in place.

    I am sorry that I am late getting back to you but I was out of town last week on personal
    business and could not get back to you.
    I am the technical person for this forum.
    Regards and sorry,
    Jay Burkart
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