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Thread: FlyCamOne2 Receiver Control Cable

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    FlyCamOne2 Receiver Control Cable

    Part No: FC2013

    I have a working FlyCamOne2 with baseplate. What I am unable to get working with two different TX/RX combos is the Remote Control function via the RX Control Cable.

    I have used a 75MHZ AM car radio as well as a SpeKtrum 7CH system. I even used a servo cycler to substitute as the signal source to test on the bench. The gear channel, Aux channels I tested are set with 100% or greater throw and tested that they actuate a servo before plugging into the FlyCamOne2.

    It basically doesn't trigger the FlyCamOne2 in any photo or video mode. Now this cable can be inserted backwards onto the baseplate, and I have done that, so it is possible it is now non functional.
    I measured continuity from the + - and Signal wires on the receiver side of the unit to the pins on the 4 pin connector and have continuity..

    I performed the following steps:
    Power on the TX, Power on the flycamone2, then powerup the RX. Press the shutter release and set mode.
    Power on the TX, powerup the RX, power on the flycamone2. Press the shutter release and set mode.

    Toggle Gear or Aux switch.

    No change in display occurs on the FlyCamOne2 and no photo or video is saved to memory.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Mike

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 Receiver Control Cable

    Mike, The proper way to hookup the control cable is shown in our FAQ.
    Do a search under FCO2 and it will list all the write ups for the FCO2.
    It is titled Flycamone2 remote switch instructions.
    There also are some photos of the hookup.
    I have seen some cases where the remote trip circuitry in the FCO2 are damaged and
    then that function will not work sorry to say.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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