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Thread: Hobby-Lobby Service - EXCELLENT

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    Hobby-Lobby Service - EXCELLENT

    Well, here is my little story with Hobby-Lobby.

    I don't even want to make this a novel or anything, just want to let you guys know that Hobby-Lobby is first rate in my book for customer service.

    I recently ordered and bought a F5E Tiger RTF Jet (made by J-power) from HL. The plane arrived and i assembled it only to find out that 2 servos were only working in one direction, 3 of the 4 control linkages were broken and the battery didn't discharge satisfactory (or the motor not performing as well as it was supposed to, but more on that later). I contacted HL via their webinterface and didn't receive an answer for 4 days. I today proceeded to send another support ticket and was promptly greeted with an answer from Jay with an apology that my previous support ticket was not answered and that he would take care of my problem.

    Well what started as an irritating problem with my RTF turned totally around into one of the best customer service experiences i ever had in the business. Being my first order from HL, they certainly gained a customer for Life today.

    Not only are they replacing the Servos, Linkages and the battery (as i suspect the battery is the culprit for the lack of power - i don't have a comparable at hand to test), no, they also will replace the motor as it's not 100% clear whether it's the Battery or the motor at this point!!!!

    KUDOS to Jay and Hobby-Lobby and the good word travels far is all i can say. Not only here but also my friends will hear about this very good experience and will most likely bring in some new customers.

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    Re: Hobby-Lobby Service - EXCELLENT


    i sent you an email about another issue with my 2nd order. I hope it can be resolved just as good and fast as this last time.

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    Re: Hobby-Lobby Service - EXCELLENT


    I to must issue a statement as to the EXCELLENT service I to received from Hobby Lobby! I had a problem with an airplane. They sent me a new one at no charge and no questions asked.


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