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Thread: Senior telemaster horizontal stablizer

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    Senior telemaster horizontal stablizer

    I have a friend who owned a senior telemaster that he constructed with the stab mounted up-side-down(ie) lifting airfoil on the bottom. He said that it was an awsome flyer. Has anyone else tried this?

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    Re: Senior telemaster horizontal stablizer

    The Telemasters have a lifting stab to control the pitch attitude in varying air speed.
    The stab lifts up as the airspeed goes up giving a varying degree of down pitch essentially to
    the airframe thus keeping the tracking more of less constant in a pitch/vertical attitude.
    Putting the stab on upside down would reverse this affect making the stab go down with incraseing airspeed.

    I have never heard anyone doing this with the Telemaster.

    There is a famous story of Sal Taibi a very famous Old Timer modeler from the NY area at that time, late 30's
    Sal designed a new Free Flight Taibi Pacer and was having a bear of a time with getting it to trim out and getting it
    to transition at the top of the climb. So he cut the stab off and flipped it over and made it fly great for contest
    flying. The rest is Sale Taibi history and goes along with his legendary Luck.

    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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