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Thread: how do you deal with missing parts on orders

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    how do you deal with missing parts on orders

    Here is the scenario:

    I've ordered 5 planes from another vendor, rhymes with hitro!
    just about every order had missing parts, one had a crushed nosecone, another had missing enforcement
    rods for the elevator pushrods another had a missing landing gear collar.. I'm just about at the end of my rope
    with these things.. Is this common for edf kits or receiver only kits to have this type of issue? I mean
    just about every one I ordered had something wrong!!! the only one that
    didn't was my blue angels f18 70mm.. Now I'm getting smart @$$ comments from hitro support
    and I'm beyond mad about this. How would you handle these types of customer
    complaints?? I've already boycotted the banana, now 'hitro' is looking like another crappy vendor, I'm running out of competent vendors it seems.
    Or Maby I should get out of RC planes altogether, because an 80-90mph chinese made foam missle with defective parts can lead up to a nasty law suit if someone gets hurt.. I know for a fact that Quality control
    is non existent and the customer always suffers. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel here?

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    Re: how do you deal with missing parts on orders

    When one of our kits is missing a part or there is a damaged part in it we ask that the customer to open
    up a support case in our "support" tabbed part of our web site.
    This gives us information about the kit ordered and ordering information so that we can use the customers
    account for product purchased and shipping information.
    If we have the part in stock we send it out as a warranty missing parts replacement.
    Sometimes we may have a case where there is a sell out and we have no parts source and then we can do a return
    and credit. Other times we may send a part out of a kit that might have been returned but that part not damaged.
    Also in cases where it is a generic part we will send it out of our regular products.

    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: how do you deal with missing parts on orders

    Thanks for your reply, sorry for not getting back to you but I've been pretty busy with things..

    Hitro did lose my business and I emailed the AMA on this topic. I feel safety regulations need
    to be tighter with these chinese foam missles. I'm going into fiberglass and I'm shopping
    around for better, more knowledgeable vendors. I've been burned by 3 vendors now and I've talked to others
    on rc universe and wattflier and they agree, this trend of 'ripoff the customer' is
    epidemic with these vendors. The quality control of these chinese kits is pretty bad and needs
    to have a second look.

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