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Thread: The SU-34 "BLUE" VERSION

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    The SU-34 "BLUE" VERSION

    Is Hobby-Lobby going to sell the SU-34 Fullback "Blue" version with the 4400kv motors and a larger Lipo ?

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    Re: The SU-34 "BLUE" VERSION

    The Blue camo version with same setup as the green version will not be available until the second shipment.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: The SU-34 "BLUE" VERSION


    I buy this SU-34 but stel they are didnt to send it I dont know what happend about it now 2 weeks ago I didnt to see any thing , So you can till me what happend or what i can do for it please .


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    Re: The SU-34 "BLUE" VERSION

    The SU-34's just came in and shipped out last week. I'm not sure where you live, but if you are not in the United States, it probably has not been delivered yet.


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