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Thread: awful customer service

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    awful customer service

    This is most messed up customer service I've ever exprienced. I canceled an order through live chat and got a promise I would see a refund in 24 hours. What a lie that was. After a week, no refund and order is still pending. Called number of times, no answer after 3 minutes, left several messages, no return calls. Emailed few times, no reply what so ever. They will gladly take your order and take you money. If there is any issue with order or try to cancel it, good luck.
    It's been 30 days since I placed this order and try to cancel a day after.

    I would never buy from this place :cry:

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    Re: awful customer service

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I know our phone staff is slammed right now, but that's no excuse. Send me a PM with your phone number and account information and I'll make sure we get you fixed up.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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    Re: awful customer service

    I paid for an ADD On at the Toledo Show and I have never received it. When ever I ask about it they say it is still on Back order. This is almost four months now.
    Last Sunday I sent in an e-mail asking if the Radian Sailplane has a bind and fly version? No answer to that either. I still remember when they did have good service. I guess those days are gone now.

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    Re: awful customer service

    The good service is not gone. We've just been extremely busy and are behind on the emails. We are pushing hard to make sure every phone call is answered and that every email is answered as quickly as possible. Our modest staff is working long hours to handle the loads. We know we're not perfect and mistakes have been and will be made. Just know that we are doing out best to help ever single customer.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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    Re: awful customer service

    I know you have probably heard this a thousand times but, When a company changes over thier software to a new serice that is supposed to make it better there will almost always be bugs in the system. It takes time, a lot of work and patience on both the company and of course the public in this case to just back off a little and let them get it under control. I have been ordering products from Hobby Lobby for many many years and I too was a bit miffed when things started to fall through the cracks. These people are doing everything in their power to get orders out on time and to satisfy you the consumer. Because of the outsoucing of products to China back order items do take a long time, but the company itself cannot but guess what the demand is going to be so again have a little patience the items will show up...
    I don't like the wait either, but all companies are bassically doing the same so we must just have a little patience and all will be good.

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    Re: awful customer service

    Two weeks has passed since my initial post, still no refund. Jason, the forum modorator responded once but that was it.
    No matter what the excuse is, I just don't understand why it's so hard to cancel a lausy $20 order and refund my money. Even if they are behind in order, they will eventually get to bunch of messages and emails I sent two three weeks ago. No return calls or email responds what so ever to this date :shock:
    I paid through paypal, I just raised my dispute to the claim status.

    Hobby-lobby statff,
    If you guys can't provide cutomer service, stop selling the damn products untill you resolve all your issues and back on track.

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    Re: awful customer service

    I checked with our accounting department and they show that you have been credited. Please verify with Pay Pal.

    Jason Cole

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