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Thread: Pilot-1 Stinson 1/8 Scale

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    Pilot-1 Stinson 1/8 Scale

    Pilot-1 Stinson 108 Red/Cream 1/8 Scale ARF

    Golden Age Classic, easy to build, transport and fly
    50-3/4" wingspan, 38-1/2" long, 345 sq. in. wing area, 41-1/2 oz. flying weight (with 7.4 oz. battery). True to scale classic for those who love elegant design and gentle handling. All laser-cut balsa and ply construction accurately pre-assembled and pre-covered in genuine Oracover.

    Has attractive scale details that make this handsome aircraft stand out at the flying field. Fiberglass engine cowl with chrome-look air intake grills, and fiberglass wheel pants. Aluminum landing gear with airfoil covering and plastic fairings that blend to the fuselage. Pre-built and covered wing struts. Wings slide onto carbon wing tube and are held in position by a screw tab. Airplane can be built with either one or two elevator servos (2 elevator pushrods included) and uses pull-pull rudder control; each aileron has its own servo.

    The clearly written photo-illustrated instruction manual shows each assembly step and offers valuable setup information for successful flying. Removing the bottom hatch (no tools required) easily accesses the battery. Flight times in excess of 15 minutes are easily possible. Requires a 4-channel radio system; we recommend a computer radio system with end point adjustments and the ability to have rudder-aileron mixing and differential aileron adjustments.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

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    Re: Pilot-1 Stinson 1/8 Scale

    Some flying photos of the prototype. The production version is even nicer with fiberglass wheel pants and cowl.
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    Re: Pilot-1 Stinson 1/8 Scale

    New permanent pricing change.... Now just $149.99 ... 7_prd1.htm

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    Here's mine!

    Man, this little Stinson sure flies NICE. One well behaved airplane. And it has excellent scale fidelity for such an affordable model. The guys at my field all want one now!
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