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Thread: Hobby Lobby Summer GiveAway - It's HOT!

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    Hobby Lobby Summer GiveAway - It's HOT!

    Hey guys,
    Summer is here and the flying season is heating up. We're offering up two $100 gift certificates to share the fun and keep you in the air. What do you have to do to win one? Simply fill out a product review on our website and your entered to win. The two winners will be picked by a random number generator. The more reviews you write the better your chances are. The review doesn't have to be wordy, just tell us whether you like it or not and why. The review feature on our website is only a few months old and allows you to rate and give your thoughts on our products. Help your fellow pilots out by telling everyone about your experience. You can review anything from planes, to servos, to accessories. Have at it and you could WIN!

    Any reviews submitted between now and Wednesday July 15th will be eligible. The Winners will be announced in this thread on Thursday July 16th.

    To submit a review:
    * Join the FREE Hobby-Lobby R/C Star Program
    * Loginto your account on the HLI website
    * Go to a product page and write a review about any HLI product you have experience with

    For a review to be published, it needs to satisfy the following criteria:
    * Well thought through, whether positive or negative
    * Proper grammar and spelling
    * No profanity
    * No personally identifiable information
    * No slander - just hit the strengths and weaknesses

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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    And the winner is........

    Don Slusarcyk with the review listed below. Congrats Don. I'll send an email to get you your prize. Thanks for playing everyone.

    Jason Cole

    Don's Review:
    A-4 Skyhawk Ducted Fan Jet
    Once of my favorite aircraft of all time.
    I was very happy when Alfa released the A4. The A-4 is what the Blue Angels used when I was a kid so I am partial to the A-4. I do not like the avionics hump on its back so I actually cut it off mine but some like its charm. This plane is on the smaller size and you must keep the aileron throws low especially if you plan on flying with higher wattage setups. I flew mine on a 5400 KV outrunner and on 3S was about 105 mph. The battery compartment is small so lipo selection is critical, too big a lipo and it will be quite nose heavy. Also use the 5 blade Alfa fan for best performance and I also recommend the use of a 1.8" diameter exit nozzle cone to optimize thrust and speed.

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    Second winner is......

    Russell Mueller. Congrats. I'll be in touch via email to send out the GC.

    Russell's review:
    Twister Medevac V2 RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter
    Twister Medevac
    I have several coaxial rotor helicopters, and without a doubt, this is the most stable, and easiest to fly of the bunch. I like it better than the Heli-Max Axe EZ and Coco Lama V3. I put floats on one of them, and even though the extra weight makes for slightly shorter flights, it doesn't seem to affect the super stability.

    Jason Cole

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