The F-4 Phantom "Camo" EDF was recently purchased by me from Hobby-Lobby.Having many years of experience in purchasing, building and flying r/c model aircraft, in addition to being a licensed full scale pilot, I find it very pleasing to conduct buisness transactions with a company that has the customer's interest foremost in thier mind. Hobby-Lobby's President, Mr. Mark Cleveland, and his entire staff are very pleasant and professionl people. Mr. Neal Davis of the Marketing Dept. is really a credit to his company for he, along with the entire staff from the President on down, are more than willing to go "the extra mile" to assure the satisfaction of thier customers. Mr. Neal Davis worked with me to address some issues arising from my purchases. He really applied himself with the purpose of solving those issues and assured Hobby-Lobby of having another very satisfied customer. The F-4 Phantom? This aircraft flies so well you actually feel like you are at the controls inside the aircraft. It is very fast, flies like it is on a string and lands extremely well. The assembly went well and fast. The quality of the product rates an "A". I would not hesitate to purchase more of this product. Different models of the EDF "Jets", as they become available, will eventually be added to the ones I already have. I really do like everything about them. Thanks Hobby-lobby...........George V. Benedetto - "NOMAC"