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Thread: Problems with my F9-F Panther

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    Problems with my F9-F Panther


    I recently purchased one of the F9-F Panthers in the receiver ready configuration and I am unfortunately having an issue with it.

    I took the plane out for my second flight on it. My first flight I flew it very gently barely going over half throttle and I had no issues other than the fact that there was no noticeable throttle increase after just over 3/4 stick.

    Today I took it out and was being a little more daring with it and I also noticed that there was now a noticeable change in motor whine between 3/4 and full throttle. I only got about 3 minutes of flight time on it before the engine cut out completely. I had done about 10 seconds of full throttle flight and was just passing me when the engine just died. I still had control of the plane so the BEC was still working. I tried the old reset by dropping the throttle to nothing and bringing it back up but the motor did not respond. I did that a few times but I was unable to get the engine started again. I Had to ditch it in the grass as I didn't have enough speed to come around for a landing. Tore one of the landing gears out and bent the nose gear back a bit. Nothing I can't fix easily.

    By the time I got to the plane the motor was working again although it wouldn't always start as I increased throttle. If I didn't get it past 1/4 stick quickly the motor would make a noise then not start up. If I quickly went to half throttle the motor would work.

    Not sure if it's the ESC overheating or the motor that's my problem. What should I do about this?


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    Re: Problems with my F9-F Panther

    Lost Soul,

    Sounds like a defective ESC to me.
    If the model is within our 30 day warranty please open a case on my support section for it
    Please give me either your account number or order number so I can verify the warranty and be
    able to account for the parts under your account. The defective parts will be replaced at no charge
    if the unit is under warranty.

    If the model is out of warranty either replace the ESC with a good 30 amp ESC of your choice like a
    JETI Product# JESAP30 or with an original part # ST1009.
    Sorry to hear that you had that problem.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Problems with my F9-F Panther

    Hobby-Lobby should contact StarMax and demand better electronics ( escs etc.) in their edf jets if they wish them to continue to retail the StarMax line. What is it with these companies who produce a wounderful airframe but put junk electronics in their products?

    In all honesty, Hobby-Lobby must start retailing better hobby grade edf jets instead of the "toy" or low end type of products. Not saying StarMax is bad, but they have a long long way to go, if they want to compete with Rc-Lander, (Lander also produces a foam EPO F9F Panther but in 70mm with retracts and metal edf fan/motor combo). However, I do believe that StarMax products will improve in time with public demand in better quality electronics. But as I said, this will take time!

    For now, HL should try to carry one of R/C-Lander's other products called the Cyclone Power 64mm"Thunder Blade" EDf jet. Great jet with epo foam and reliable electronics and metal Cyclone Power "Red Velocity" edf unit pre-installed.

    Another issue which I think is so important is the Hobby-Lobby 30 day warranty period. I have purchased motors,escs servos, lipo batteries and airplanes from Horizon Hobby in the past and no matter how long the purchase was, when something broke down or there was a glitch with the product, I have always been able to receive either an equal exchange or refund on all of their products with no purchase time frame or questions asked! Horizon has always stood by their products with lifetime warranty support! I love HL but they need to really try to improve their warranty policy. For example, I had no problems with Horizon when I had purchase an E-Flight 60a esc from them two years ago. Just last month, I suddenly had program problems with this esc . I returned it back to Horizon with a letter explaining my problem, and within two weeks they send me a new E-Flight 60A esc! Last fall I had a three year old E-Flight park 450 that had lost a thrust bearing resulting in a lost shaft and core cover. I sent it back to Horizon and received a new motor in three weeks! Last week my Parkzone 1800mAH 3S lipo that I purchased back in December swelled up like a baloon? I don't know what happened here, but I just sent it back to Horizon and will most likely receive a new one in two weeks.

    I know Hobby-Lobby can make these improvements for all r/c hobby enthusists !


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