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Thread: Wing Dragon is a Winner

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    Wing Dragon is a Winner

    The Highland Lakes Flyers give away a Wing Dragon RTF donated by Hobby Lobby each year during our Flights of Fancy event.

    Flights of Fancy is a day-long flying event where club members fly demonstration flights and club instructors give youngsters buddy box flight instructions. Any youngster that tries their hand at flying is elligible for the prize drawing at the conclusion of the event.

    Our club has found that the Wing Dragon RTF is one of the easiest RC planes to learn to fly.

    Thanks Hobby Lobby for a great product and helping us make this event such a big success.

    Here is this year's lucky winner.
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    Re: Wing Dragon is a Winner

    After many flights with the Wing Dragon, I'll offer a couple hints.

    Make SURE your battery is secured, or it can be ejected in flight with the expected result :shock: .....well, maybe not...the plane actually suffered no damage and we found the battery, also undamaged nearby and we were flying again in a few minutes. A new velcro strap and the plane was good as new.

    Second, when you dork a wing tip on landing and find that the propeller has taken a small bite out of the rear of the wing....just trim the other side to match. A couple vee cuts are all that is needed. The prop will ocassionaly hit the rear of the wing if the wing hit first, so don't bother to try to repair like new. This way, next time there will be no damage.


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