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Thread: 12' Telemaster ARF

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    12' Telemaster ARF

    This is a field shot taken with my new iPhone 3GS. We'll have lots more photos coming of new aircraft as we test them.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby
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    Re: 12' Telemaster ARF

    this is my Dream plane. i currently have the 8ft 96" Senior Telemaster and i hear there coming out with a 12" Telemaster ARF on Hobby-Lobby soon.
    I wish i can see more videos on this 12" Telemaster. very few i see on the web.

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    Re: 12' Telemaster ARF

    We got some footage from NEAT Fair this past weekend. I'm getting caught up from being out of the office, but we'll have something posted soon.


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    Re: 12' Telemaster ARF

    :lol: I've got a 8 footer hanging from the ceiling in my living room. It was the first plane my husband purchased and second hand at that. It's a big puppy. But I wont let him sell it. I have intentions of making an overhead lamp out of it that will hang over our pool table. yea, I'm weird. :lol:

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