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Thread: F9F Panther

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    F9F Panther

    Builds fast - flies even faster
    30-1/4" wingspan, 31-1/2" long, 179 sq. in. wing area, 18-1/2 oz. flying weight. This Korean War legend is beautifully brought to life in a smooth handling, fast flying EDF jet. All molded EPS foam construction pre-painted and pre-decorated. Comes with landing gear and steerable nose wheel; gear is removable if you want to hand launch and belly land. Its small size and light weight, combined with a powerful drive system make the F9F a fast flying jet. Conventional layout gives the model great handling and predictable performance. 64mm fan, brushless motor, and 25 Amp speed controller are pre-installed. In the RTF version the 6-channel 72 MHz receiver is installed. In the ARF version the radio compartment is ready for your receiver. Assembly takes less time than it takes to charge the included 3-cell 1300 mAh lipo battery. Lipo balance charger also included. Due to its small size and high speed, this model is best suited for intermediate to advanced pilots.
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