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Thread: Yak-55 Aerobatic 3D Profile Airplane

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    Yak-55 Aerobatic 3D Profile Airplane

    Good flying 3D profile airplane -- at a GREAT price!
    32" wingspan, 29" long, 208 sq. in. wing area, 8 oz. flying weight. 5-1/2 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading. Lightweight pre-printed foam construction, the parts are pre-notched for accurate and strong assembly. Wing stiffened with 3mm carbon rod. Carbon rod material for elevator and rudder pushrods included. Assembly takes only an hour or two using foam friendly CA. Light enough for indoor flying but still has the strength and stability necessary for outdoor flying. Fully 3D capable with the power system that we recommend. Controls are Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, and Throttle.
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