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Thread: Executive Jet Twin Ducted Fan Jet

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    Executive Jet Twin Ducted Fan Jet

    Exceptionally well engineered jet, flies smooth and fast - two 66mm fans included
    47" wingspan, 53-1/4" long, 370 sq. in. wing area, 47 oz. flying weight. Molded bead foam construction. Fuselage comes with the two 66mm fans pre-installed, ready for the motors and the foam engine nacelles. The wings are reinforced with carbon tubes and have molded recesses for aileron servos; wing tips are made of wood and pre-covered. Molded pockets with plywood mounting blocks for the installation of the landing gear are pre-installed in the wings and accept the included fixed gear or the optional retract gear (SFM3501B). Fuselage has the mount for the steerable nose gear pre-installed; just screw the fixed steerable gear in place. The ailerons, elevator and rudder are made of balsa and covered with heat-shrink film. They are pre-installed and the hinges are pre-pinned for safety. The fuselage has wooden servo mounts and battery tray pre-installed. Jet accelerates quickly and easily takes off from a smooth surface/runway with a strong climb rate. Jet can be hand launched and will belly land easily, without damage when the landing gear is removed. Plastic covers are provided to cover the landing gear openings if you do not install the landing gear. Speed is impressive even with the fixed gear. Flight is smooth and solid; the stall is at a very low speed and is not severe. The glide is amazing; the setup for a landing needs a long approach or you will glide right on by. Flight times with the two 1800 mAh packs in parallel are about 7-10 minutes of varied flying. Assembly is easy and takes about 4-6 hours for the fixed gear version, and about an hour or two more for the retracts. For 4-channels: Aileron (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder/Nose steering, and Throttle. A 5th channel is required if you wish to add the retractable landing gear.
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