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Thread: Soar Jet Ducted Fan ARF Sailplane

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    Soar Jet Ducted Fan ARF Sailplane

    It's a jet - it's a sailplane - it's BOTH!
    57" wingspan, 36" long, 323 sq. in. wing area, 28 oz. flying weight. Soar Jet is an all-wood built-up slope glider with a 66mm ducted fan mounted above the wing. The airplane is pre-built and covered, with decorations already applied. Included is a 66mm ducted fan and nacelle. The MT2235 OUTRUNNER makes a unique combination of good power and low drag. The airfoil is thin. Weight is just right for good energy retention. Hand-launches are easy with plenty of power for strong climbs to altitude. Full span ailerons give the airplane a fast roll rate. Works well for slope flying. Aerobatic maneuvers that do not require the rudder are all possible. The one-piece wing removes for easy transport and storage. Assembly takes only a few hours. Controls are Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator and Throttle.
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