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Thread: Thunderbird EDF ARF Jet

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    Thunderbird EDF ARF Jet

    Fast jet includes OUTRUNNER motor and 66mm ducted fan
    29" wingspan, 28" long, 19 oz. flying weight. Completely pre-covered and pre-decorated. Assembly is quick, and elevons are pre-hinged. The 66mm molded ducted fan unit comes with a 6 bladed impeller. Remove every other impeller blade making a 3 bladed fan unit. This makes the RPM higher and the amp draw lower (flies faster - longer). Airplane is easy to fly and very responsive with a wide speed range. Point the nose up and slow to a walking pace or point the nose down and fly full throttle across the field. A light toss is all it takes to hand launch. Rolls, loops, inverted flight and even the "Cobra maneuver" is possible. For 3 channels with elevon mixing and throttle.
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