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Thread: Super Tiger Moth Scale RC Biplane

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    Super Tiger Moth Scale RC Biplane

    Big, elegant and easy to fly
    78" wingspan, 65-3/4" long, 1,842 sq. in. wing area (12-3/4 sq. ft.), 14-1/4 lbs. flying weight. The Tiger Moth was a primary trainer for thousands of pilots; our Super Tiger Moth could train hundreds more. Decorated in the DeHavilland School of Flying colors and sporting a scale instrument flying hood on the rear cockpit, the airplane looks ready for another training mission. Beautifully built of balsa and plywood, pre-covered with heat-shrink film. The elevator and rudder are pull-pull controlled with a scale appearance. Wings have full wire bracing but once assembled they can be detached from the fuselage without having to remove flying wires. This makes the airplane much easier to transport and set up. The scale landing gear is completely pre-assembled and ready to install. Battery hatch on the bottom of the nose gives easy access to the flight batteries. Flight times are over 10 minutes of smooth, graceful flying. For 4-channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.
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