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Thread: Tiger Moth Scale RC Model Biplane

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    Tiger Moth Scale RC Model Biplane

    Specifically designed for AXI OUTRUNNER motor, easy to build and fly!
    50" wingspan, 40-1/2" long, 758 sq. in. wing area, 64 oz. flying weight. Totally designed as an electric airplane. Battery box and motor spacer for AXI motor on a radial mount are pre-built. There are only two places that require glue in the entire build. The rest is all assembled using a screwdriver and small wrench. All flying surfaces are pre-hinged and the mounting points for the pull-pull hardware are pre-drilled. Complete set of functioning flying wires is included. Airplane comes pre-built and pre-covered with all decorations in place, can be built in 4-6 hours. AXI motor provides lots of power, you will fly at less than 1/2 power most of the time. Flies best in light wind, slow flight, touch and goes, slips to landing--relaxed flying at its best. Instructions included. For 4 channels, Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.
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