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Thread: F5E Tiger

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    F5E Tiger

    Smooth outrunner power for jet-like performance
    21-5/8" wingspan, 34-7/8" long, 125 sq. in. wing area, 18-1/2 oz. flying weight. Tough EPO foam construction makes a more durable airframe, less prone to dings and dents. Jet comes with all the major components pre-installed and ready for final assembly. There are only 2 things to glue in place: the vertical fin and the EPO nose cone. Oh, I forgot the 2 rockets have to be glued on as well. The 64mm fan is installed with a smooth-running Outrunner motor and a 30 amp speed control. The 4 servos (2-aileron, 2-elevator) are pre-installed and pre-connected to the flying surfaces; it just doesn't get much easier than this. Charge the 1300 mAh lipo battery with the included lipo balance charger, install 8-AA batteries (not included) in the transmitter and get ready to go fly fast. Flight battery access is located under the canopy, making a quick change easy to do. Jet comes with removable landing gear with a steerable nose wheel. Can be flown with or without the gear. If you don't have a smooth runway, hand launching is easy to do and belly landings are a breeze. The high visibility color scheme really helps with maintaining orientation with this fast jet. Small-yes, twitchy-no; the F-5E has great speed and really grooves in the air. The jet is suitable for intermediate to advanced pilots. Check out our video online.
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