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Thread: AMX Light Attack Fighter Jet

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    AMX Light Attack Fighter Jet

    Quick to build - FAST to fly
    24" wingspan, 35-3/8" long, 132 sq. in. wing area, 19 oz. flying weight. The full scale AMX is a light attack fighter that is flown by the Air Forces of Italy and Brazil. This attractively proportioned aircraft is a wonderful choice for a model aircraft. Model is injection molded EPS foam with crisp details molded in. Airplane is totally pre-painted and pre-decorated, final assembly takes about an hour. For quickest assembly use 5-minute epoxy. All electronics are pre-installed including brushless motor, brushless speed control, 4 servos and 6-channel receiver (in RTF version). Includes 3-cell 1300 mAh lipo battery and lipo balance charger. The good grip area under the wing makes the airplane easy to hand launch. Slows down well for belly landings. Without the additional drag of landing gear, the AMX is quick and smooth in flight. Capable of most aerobatic maneuvers that do not require the use of a rudder. Controls are: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator (2 servos), Throttle.
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