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Thread: Funster ARF

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    Funster ARF

    A "Blast from the Past" - Relaxed flying at its best
    72-1/2" wingspan, 53" long, 846 sq. in. wing area, 83 oz. flying weight. About 15 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading. Whether powered with an electric motor or a glow engine, Funster is an all-out blast from the past. It was originally offered as a balsa kit. This great "old time" design airplane is now laser cut and pre-built. Funster has all the great flying characteristics of a Telemaster 40 but with the wing on the bottom and tricycle landing gear. 2-piece wing for easy transport, ailerons and flaps are pre-installed. Flaps are driven from a single servo mounted in one wing panel. Ailerons are driven by separate servos. Pushrods for the elevator and rudder are pre-installed. Includes motor mount for an OUTRUNNER motor. Hatch on top of fuselage provides easy access to the battery tray (or fuel tank). Robust landing gear and lightweight foam wheels, steerable nose gear pre-installed. Assembly will take about 6-8 hours; includes illustrated instructions. For 5-Channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Flaps, Elevator, Rudder/Nose Gear, Throttle. If built with a glow engine, one additional servo is required for throttle.
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