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Thread: DG-1000 Scale RC Sailplane

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    DG-1000 Scale RC Sailplane

    Scale sailplane for slope or thermal flying
    102" wingspan, 44-1/2" long, 441-3/4 sq. in. wing area, 43 oz. flying weight. White painted fiberglass fuselage with fully sheeted balsa rib and spar wing with an HQ3012 airfoil. Molded scale winglets, carbon rod wing joiner and tinted canopy included. Easy to build and fly. Wings and winglets are easily removable. Sailplane is right at home on the slope. Floats nicely on light lift or flies with speed and agility in higher winds. Sailplane uses two servos for the ailerons; these can be mixed so that both rise up as airbrakes to aid in landing control. The T-tail elevator is controlled by a bell-crank in the tail for smooth, slop-free control. Rudder is pull-pull. Assembly will take 6-8 hours; a clear exploded view drawing of all assemblies is included. To aerotow, add a nose tow release (MAS002). For 3-4 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and optional Tow release.
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