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Thread: Blade MCX RTF Ultra-Micro Heli

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    Blade MCX RTF Ultra-Micro Heli

    An Ultra-Micro RC Helicopter anyone can fly - no experience needed
    7-1/2" rotor diameter, nearly 8" long, 1 oz. (28 grams!) flying weight. Blade MCX is 100% factory-assembled, test-flown and ready-to-fly, no assembly or setup required. It can be flown just about anywhere: an office, a living room, a small bedroom, a garage, or in your kitchen. Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design cancels out the torque effect that makes flying RC helicopters so difficult. ELFH2200 is Ready-To-Fly and comes with everything you need to get into the air.

    Blade MCX Ready-To-Fly Includes:

    * 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 technology, digital trims and dual rates
    * Factory installed 5-in-1 control unit with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 compatible receiver
    * Main motor speed controls
    * Mixer
    * Gyro
    * Fully proportional servos
    * LiPo battery
    * LiPo battery charger
    * AA batteries

    Spektrum DSM2 radio technology eliminates interference so you can fly multiple helicopters with other pilots at the same time. Blade MCX's ultra-micro size and weight are perfect for indoor flying (or outdoors if there is no wind). Install the AA batteries, charge the flight battery (takes approximately 20 minutes) and go fly. No gluing or painting required. Hobby-Lobby stocks a full line of Blade MCX Spare Parts and Upgrades and a Blade MCX Bind-N-Fly Version is available for RC pilots who already have a 2.4 GHz transmitter.
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