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Thread: Albatros D.V ARF Biplane

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    Albatros D.V ARF Biplane

    Scale WWI German Biplane with Ailerons
    27-1/2" wingspan, 22-3/4" long, 209 sq. in. wing area, 8 oz. flying weight. The first WW1 airplane from Alfa is the great flying Albatros D.V, one of Germany's best fighter aircraft. Airplane is hollow-molded foam construction pre-painted and ready to assemble. The major components have been pre-built, upper wings have ailerons pre-installed, fuselage has motor mount installed and ready to add your motor. Assembly, while not difficult, requires good attention to detail and about 8 hours to complete. Albatros is a joy to fly with very gentle stall character and good slow speed handling. Our recommended power system provides lots of power for performance far beyond the original. Airplane includes waterslide decals for 5 different models. 4-channel radio (minimum) with micro receiver and servos required. Functions are Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.
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