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Thread: P-47 Thunderbolt ARF

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    P-47 Thunderbolt ARF

    Like Alfa planes? You will LOVE this one - it includes retracts and flaps
    32-3/4" wingspan, 28" long, 192 sq. in. wing area, 16 oz. flying weight. All the great flying character that you have come to expect from Alfa, now with flaps and retractable landing gear included with the model (a $27.00 value). The wing has landing gear mounts pre-installed and the landing gear wheel wells molded in. The ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder are pre-hinged. The model is designed for advanced modelers who have some experience building and flying Alfa models. The P-47 can be flown off of, and landed on, smooth surfaces. On days with stronger winds and gusty conditions, it is always safer to land on grass on the airplane's belly. Even in this case, the wing is placed high enough so that flaps can be used to slow the model's groundspeed and improve its stall behavior. The model has wide landing gear for great ground handling. The flaps really extend the range of flight speeds; with full flaps landings are incredibly slow and solid. For scale speed on the landing gear retraction, add our Servo Slowdown Module NFSD1. Airplane includes waterslide decals for 5 different models. 6 channel radio (minimum) required with 5 micro servos. Functions are: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Landing Gear and Throttle.
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