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Thread: P-51D Mustang Marie ARF

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    P-51D Mustang Marie ARF

    Ready-built, beautifully painted ... amazing performance!
    33-1/2" wingspan, 29" long, 192 sq. in. wing area, 16 oz. flying weight. Just about ready to fly when you open the box. Wing is removable for transport and storage in its box "hanger". Leading edge of wing is reinforced and battery hatch is in front of the canopy. Hollow molded foam with a hardened surface to resist dings and hard plastic where the model contacts the ground. Pre-installed ailerons and elevator with pushrods ready for servo installation. Firewall installed and ready for motor. Wing is semi-symmetrical as is the elevator, the model flies like a much larger model, smooth and responsive and capable of performing in the wind. Handlaunch is easy with a good grip area under the wing. Waterslide decals for 2 authentic aircraft are included. For 3 channels: elevator, aileron, speed control.
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