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Thread: F-16C Grey, ARF RC Jet

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    F-16C Grey, ARF RC Jet

    Light and fast - super flight with JetScreamer motor
    24-3/4" wingspan, 33-3/4" long, 181 sq. in. wing area, 17 oz. flying weight. The jet is molded entirely from polystyrene foam and completely pre-painted, ready for assembly. Complete instructions are provided along with an exploded view drawing of the jet. The assembly is not difficult but prior building experience is recommended. Assembly will take 6-8 hours depending on choice of glues. Waterslide decals for 6 different combat aircraft are included.

    A wide selection of motors can be installed in the included Alfa 60/15 Mark II fan unit. We recommend the JetScreamer (MMC5156) for ballistic performance and jet like speed. All aerobatic maneuvers are possible with the exception of those requiring a rudder. The jet is designed for hand launching and belly landing, the bottom of the fuselage has a plastic shell reinforcement to reduce wear. The landing speed is very slow when built to the recommended weight. Three micro servos are required: two for ailerons and one for elevator. Also available as F-16C Colorful Version.
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