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Thread: F-86 Sabre Ducted Fan Jet

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    F-86 Sabre Ducted Fan Jet

    Great performing electric ducted fan Jet! INCLUDES the ducted fan!
    29-1/2" wingspan, 29-1/4" long, 201 sq. in. wing area, 16.5 oz. flying weight. The fan unit is included. Airplane flies well at 2/3 throttle but when you open the throttle to full the speed increase is huge. Airplane is easy to hand-launch with excellent slow speed handling. Open up the throttle and really get moving. Performs inside and outside loops, crisp rolls and tight turns with plenty of power for steep climbs. Hollow molded foam construction with a toughened external layer to resist dings. Ground contact areas are covered in plastic for wear. Wing is removable for transport and access to the ducted fan unit. Ailerons are pre-hinged and pushrods come pre-installed. Fuselage is one piece with internal ducting pre-done. Battery access is through canopy hatch. Includes waterslide decals for five versions and glue. Controls are Aileron, Elevator and Throttle. Optional Drop Tanks (ALF103DT) also available!
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