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Thread: MIG-15 Scale Electric Ducted Fan ARF

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    MIG-15 Scale Electric Ducted Fan ARF

    Best performing electric ducted fan ARF we have ever seen! INCLUDES the ducted fan!
    29-1/2" wingspan, 29" long, 198 sq. in. wing area, 16.5 oz. flying weight. We were astounded with the performance of this jet. Equipped as we recommend, the model has enough power to ROG (rise off grass) by sliding on its belly, climb at a remarkable rate and simply tear up the sky. Outside loops are possible and inside loops from level flight are large and easily done. Very broad speed range, streaks by on high speed passes yet slows to a crawl for easy landings. When mated with a "JetScreamer" OUTRUNNER, the included Alfa fan produces temendous thrust. Handlaunch is very easy, just a gentle toss. All hollow molded foam construction with a toughened external layer to resist dings, the areas of the model that come in contact with the ground are covered in a tough plastic for wear. Construction is simple, but more involved than some of the other Alfa models. You glue the wings, tail and battery tray in place and install your radio system and servos. The ducting is smooth and beautifully pre-done; the battery and radio hatch is pre-cut with the latch installed. Includes waterslide decals for a Soviet or Czech version as well as a packet of glue to aid in placing the decals. Controls are Aileron, Elevator and Throttle.
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