Beautiful to look at - a Joy to fly
48-1/2" wingspan, 36" long, 395 sq. in. wing area, 34 oz. flying weight. All wood construction, laser cut precision, lightweight and strong. All the main assemblies are pre-built and pre-covered; all the flying surfaces are pre-slotted for CA hinges. Wheel pants and engine cowl are pre-finished fiberglass. Flight times with the power system we recommend are about 10 minutes. Aircraft is very light, landings are slow and soft, takeoffs are quick. Can be flown off very short grass but the wheel pants make it most suited for hard, smooth surfaces. The airplane has no bad habits; this is a Gee Bee that is easy to fly. Stalls are slow and straight-ahead with a quick recovery. Quick to build, includes good photo-illustrated instructions. Assembly will take from 6-8 hours. Suitable for anyone with a little aileron experience. For 4-channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.